Crapule Factory  Mixing styles & materials                                                    


« Colour means joy, beauty, travelling and life to me, as I find it radiant in nature.

Using colour and its changing hues in my work is a must. »

Fancy’s ours !

Stéphanie Erlich-Maujeanla crapule



Stéphanie was born in the French town Metz. She arrived in the French Région Rhône-Alpes in the 1990’s, firmly decided to make something of her life, with a love for fancy and greed for life.

She followed a mixed professional course (pub and restaurant manager, marketing …) and always valued recycling, decorating and salvaged materials.

Her wish to create, alter and reach beauty got bigger.

Sewing came later, as she was making by herself a few accessories during pregnancy, then she blindingly felt attracted to threads and needles after her daughter Capucine was born.

From then on, colours and materials welled up inside of her.

It is only after spending two years creating, in a true passionate way, that S decided to create her own label « Crapule Factory » in 2009.


CrApule FActOry is a colour directed world into which you can find some poetry in each creation, whether unique or mass produced.

CrApule FActOry  is influenced by all times and continents : old photographs, flared trousers, prams from the turn of the century, transistor radios from the fifties, Almodovar Spanish tones…

CrApule FActOry is a sweet home made recipe – Made in France, softly searching for a sense of touch and fabrics, in which mixing is essential:

From that point a wide range of different products appeared, all of them reflecting a time, a style:

-      Fully feminine collections, slightly flippant, offbeat came to light

-      Being yourself is the only certainty

-      Babies nestle in cosy, unique yet authentic corners

-      Children mark themselves out carrying smart and vintage school bags on their way to school

The pallet seems infinite and constantly evolving.

Stéphanie managed to be successful thanks to her sweet originality, working ability and thirst for novelty.

Therefore her label gains self-assertion as well as subtlety, households are charmed by her spicy recipe and trendy accessories. She’s mentioned in the media, and her “Crapule-made” ageless creations are happily welcomed in shops from Paris and outside its area and even abroad.

She LOVES mixing, worships mixing!

STYLE MIXING: kitschy, vintage, retro oldish, arty, futuristic, polka dot, flowery and pop patterns

MATERIAL MIXING: where the warmth of wool and the softness of velvet soften the icy touch of leatherette, of oilcloth and leather.

Either unique or limited-produced collections, clothes and accessories for people aged 0 to 117, handmade bags, school bags, rustling baby sleep bags, smart muffs...

A clever and happy blend – made in France